The dirt on Pinoy ice cream and curiosity cravings

I had a blast reading this article by New York-based Filipino writer Luis Francia about the so-called “dirty ice cream” thing here in the Philippines, or the ice cream vendors who push colorful carts on the streets and sell ice cream not manufactured by multinationals or known big corporations making ice cream here in the country.

they have simpler "dirty ice cream" cart designs in provinces, I noticed (at Burnham Park in Baguio City / April 2011)

Just because it’s sold on the streets and bought on the streets doesn’t mean it’s automatically dirty. I don’t know where that phrase started but growing up, that’s what I heard people say when they refer to this kind of ice cream. But that’s not how we refer to it, actually. We just call it “sorbetes” which is the Filipino term for ice cream.

I haven’t really been eating much ice cream of late. I don’t know why. My old cravings have changed over the months. But I used to have a staple pint of something on my fridge. Last I had that was at the beginning of this year, I think, which I ended up sharing with a few good friends who came over and hung out here in my home.Or no, maybe I know why but I’m just in denial — since I broke up with my ex last year, my eating habits changed drastically, making me lose quite a few (okay, a lot!) noticeable pounds. But I didn’t really lose weight for vanity’s sake. It was mostly about changing habits and behavior towards food and dining rituals since I shared those habits and rituals with her for almost two years. Life reboot also covers eating habits, after all.

But lately, I find myself getting back several old cravings, especially ones I’ve always had since I was in college or since I started living on my own post-college. Like my staple snack is back: Pringles cheeze-ums, or cheese-flavored Pringles. Also, my chocolate craving is back, especially for my favorite no-anything-in-it chocolate bar Hershey’s. And now, I find myself craving for ice cream again, especially one that I’ve grown to like in the past couple of years — chocolate truffles by Selecta.

Strange. I’m not sure why I have such come-backs regarding my cravings. Maybe it has something to do with my past personality also making a comeback, meaning I’ve been getting in touch with the younger me, the me that I liked and admired when I was starting to negotiate with the professional world. That me, my early and mid-twenties persona, to be exact. I guess if you’ve been clocking more earth hours lately and most of them are not spent happily for some reason, you tend to rewind and see which hours were valuable before, and try to replicate/duplicate that. I guess that also explains these cravings.

Well, then, reboot it is. Whatever makes this journey we call life better, I’m all for it.

Now show me the ice cream!

spotting an ice cream vendor during the annual University of the Philippines lantern parade (December 2010 UP Diliman campus QC)


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